I look to the left to see who takes up the fight

loving me 

loving you

it’s your time to speak it must be your time to shine 

I know why 

you never know

you always try to hide what you truly think

you can’t deny

you can’t deny 

you follow a route has led you overseas

you are not alone 

we lean on th things that we recognize 

as something good

as something bad 

I don’t know if you recognize me 

tell me why you wish me goodnight 

and here we go

crack an egg 

blink an eye 

look back In Time 

a million years ago

we have come a long long way 

but we sleepwalk 

half mast but I celebrate 

because I found that moths they are living 

in the pyramids 

bedrolls their hideaway 

equally we’re living and we’re dying 

like the pyralids 

whistleblowers, I celebrate 

because I found that people they were buried 

in their spaceships 

likewise our hideaway 

must be a secret sanctuary 

we must stay and hold on to this