Noise from the Hallway

shaving cream and razor blades 
make rashes on my skin 
I’ve grown a beard, so 
it seems like I fit in 
I’m being flung into the same old spin 
But it seems like I fit in 

as a child I was stuttering 
I often had to cave in 
for a while I gave up talking 
threw words I knew in the bin 
I’m still a freak to you 
but I ain’t lefthanded nor numb 

Skip toorrow with a skippingrope
spend the nights in your mothers coat 
will this ever come to an end 
or does it happen over and over again 

I’m a queer in the backyard 
where you want me to be 
I’m hetero in the frontyard 
though it’s clear to see 
I ain’t like you 
I ain’t like anyone else 

noise from the hallway 
a party upstairs 
gel for my hairdo 
but I ain’t going nowhere 
a young face, a bald crown 
and I ain’t going nowhere 

skip tomorrow with a skipping rope
keep the warmth in your mothers coat
will this ever come to an end
or does it happen over and over again

by the means of every threat
for the blood on the floor
for the love in my heart 
am I just a romantic whore

Im a mice in your treadmill
I want to tell you a thing or two
but i still keep my self from saying 
what i really think about you

I hide my secrets in the bathtub
I hide my sorrows in the sink
I’m a sinner and a saint
can you find the missing link

I’ve always been too thorough 
and i put on a smile for you
the smile that I borrowed 
the last summery day in june

like my mothers uncle 
schizophrenic and blue
like my fathers father 
dying from solitude
like my french neighbour
on the 2. floor
is it all in my genes
that’s why I got all these flaws
well fuck you, there’s nothing in my genes
and I ain’t got no flaws