burn the oil make plastic boats

cram the foil into the liers throat 

can anyone please reassure me

of what I’ve come to know 

the forest burns, the golf will stop

try to stop my feverish thoughts

that appears from the sun rise till it sets

this might be our last goodbye 

make a note on what has to be done 

we all forget in the heating sun 

with half an ear I listen to the news 

and then turn to the other side ¨

1 2 3 4 5 time to change my mind 

I am deadlocked again in the daily grind

I can’t rewind the tape, I can’t change time 

we must rewire the brains from 9 to 5

I can’t turn back the clock though it’s what I desire 

it’s the summer of love, see it catches fire 

it seems burning hot, but it makes me tired 

this seems fucked up, I just joined the choir

just joined the choir 

I just joined the choir 

I just joined the choir

this is fucked up

I just joined the choir 

don’t fly, don’t seek, don’t mind the words from his speech

don’t fly, don’t leak, don’t mind being called a freak 

don’t hear, don’t see, you can’t catch me on my feet 

don’t bleach don’t dye the black polluted sky 

pull snooze and turn your head away 

the list goes on but it can’t be done today 

everything will come to an end

will you hold my red balloon 

pull the wires and take off my coat 

take a seat because I don’t know where to go 

we play the game of hide and seek 

but nothing is really out of sight