a Fib in the Filtertip (Live)

on this moonlight drive 
heading for the sun
so far it seems the plan 
will come undone
smoking a cigarette 
try to settle my nerves 
I’m anxious about the quest 
but must stay alert

hands on the wheel, girl
eyes on the road
stepping on the gas
with smoke in my throat
on this eternal night, girl
I’m having a soliloquy 
you’re asleep by my side
just where I want you to be

a Fib in the filtertip
dregs in the glass
we’re escaping society
we’re skipping class
we’re heading for the sun
just behind the moon
we’re on highway 51
must be arriving soon

you hand me the booze 
I hand it back to you
you’re pulling a face
just like it wasn’t good 
and then you find a bottle of wine
and we drink that too
we drink to being alive
we drink to youth